45 Awesome Dirty Elf On A Shelf Ideas

It’s that time of year again. When parents drive themselves crazy concocting more and more outlandish ways to position their Elf on the Shelf. While most Elves are busy dangling from dining room chandeliers and sucking down maple syrup in the fridge, there’s an underbelly of the Elf population up to much much worse.
Every year, Baby Rabies holds her annual Inappropriate Elf competition. If you’d like to enter your Elf Gone Bad, click here. But beware. These elves are up to some pretty naughty stuff. In other words, if the tables were turned, they would be getting NADA for Christmas.
Here are my favorite entries from this year, year’s past and a few stragglers I found acting out of line even though they have no idea the contest even exists…
“Dobbie Pissing on Christmas Village” via The Bearded Iris:
“Reddi Wippet Elf” via Little White Lion:
“Candy Cane Crack” via Pickle Head Soup:
“Oops, I Think I Dropped My Earring” via Valerie Witt:
“Post-Coital Elf” via HouseTalkN:
“Human Trafficking Elf” via Lil Blue Boo:
“Wrecking Ball Elf” via Little Elise:
“Elf Poop” via Mom’s Kitchen:
“Roofie Elf” via It’s Tuesday, Right:
“Cocoa” via Elf Likes It Bad:
“Fifty Shades of Elf” via Ms. Officer 79:
“Reading Fifty Shades of Elf” via It’s Really 10 Months:
“Jigsaw Elf” via Razmtaz:
“Fetish Elf” via Thompsons81:
“Breaking Bad Elf” via Courtney Ellis Photography:
“Classic Move” via Blogspot:
“Dexter Elf” via Katy and Zucchini:
“Step One: Cut a Hole in a Box” via Adventure Mama:
“Baby Tagging Elf” via BabyCenter:
“One Track Mind” via Elf Shaming:
“Graveyard Shift” via Behance:
“Amateur Porn” via Mommy Has a Potty Mouth:
“After Hours Elf” via 1079ishot:
“Kidney Thief Elf” via Lil Blue Boo:
“Flasher Elf” via The Nut House:
“Brokeback Elf” via Boobooville:
“Vengeful Elf” via The Stylish Working Mama:
“Dogs Love Peanutbutter” via Elf on a Shelf Gone Bad:

And finally, my pick for this year’s win…
“Elf Bound” via Dirty Diaper Laundry:
If you’d like to enter your Inappropriate Elf for a chance to win totally appropriate prizes like an iPad Air or a Nintendo 2DS, click on over to Baby Rabies.

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